Westpark Club PIWars – meet the team

(NB Some parents are uneasy about their children being identified online. For that reason I’m going to use generic terms when referring to the young people involved in the team.)

I’ve already introduced myself: Tim Golden.


I’m helped by another club leader: Steve, who’s an IT support professional. He’s done all the work on our handheld controller and is masterminding the remote control elements of the competition. We also have the support of Chus, who’s works in animation and has great design skills (which including this website).


We have a small team of young helpers from the club, all in the 13-15-year-old range. I won’t be giving their real names, but we have: M who’s responsible for the ultrasonic sensors; S who’s helped solder the motor controller (of which more later) and reworked some of the robot control software under guidance; A who’s been helping Steve with the handheld controller which send the commands to remote control the robot; and L who also did helped solder the motor controller. None of them has any real experience of software or hardware (beyond a few sessions we ran at the end of last term) so they’ve had to pick things up where they can.